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Pete Chapman
Posted over 2 years ago
Rupert Sheldrake's TEDx talk: Detailing the issues
Never destroy evidence. I'm not in the least sympathetic to Sheldrake's approach and listening to them just strengthens my negative opinion of his work. TED lectures are not any kind of guarantee that the material is true or 100% accurate. One is being exposed someone's work and ideas. Not all ideas work. Sheldrake is a very clever contrarian but his followers and the results of his "work" have produced what? A career for him, some publishing contracts and not much else. How narrowly he understands science is instructive. It's like being a thinking man's creationist (if that's possible). Leave it up. Ten talks by reasonable experts dealing with each of his "dogmas" would more than make up for whatever damage he has done and that frankly, isn't all that much.