Ying Wang (王莹)

Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

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Currently a MSc Childhood studies student in the University of Edinburgh.


Chinese, English

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'Minds are like parachutes They only function when open'--James Dewar

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Care about all topics related to children and young people. Passionate about art, handcrafts.

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Children, culture, art.

My TED story

First know TED website in 2010 summer, attended two TEDx events in UIC in 2011 and 2012.

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Ying Wang (王莹)
Posted over 4 years ago
Jay Walker: The world's English mania
english is a huge burden for many chinese students we seldom use it in daily life (unless we want to practice oral english to do the exams) at the same time,College English Test Grade 4 is a necessary for all the university students,otherwise he can't get the diploma!