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Maxime Joanis
Posted almost 4 years ago
Lee Cronin: Making matter come alive
Never understood why lots of scientists thought there couldn't be life without . The life we know is planet Earth's life. Why assume there couldn't be something different? Good work. Open minded. Very nice project. I'm happy to see this happen.
Maxime Joanis
Posted over 4 years ago
Paul Root Wolpe: It's time to question bio-engineering
I think our big problem to come is this. We are developing science and technology which allows a lot of people to live old enough to have children, while they wouldn't have if they were born 50 years earlier. We're keeping more and more bad genes in the human gene pool. I wouldn't be surprised if we ended up with some very sick and weird humans in not so many generations. We are drastically attenuating the intervention of natural selection. (I don't say that's an only bad thing. Lots of people are happy about it, being still alive.) What I would say is: keep up the research, we *will* need to use genetic engineering in the future. On humans. I absolutely agree, though, that using genetic engineering is not a game. Each and every possible use of it should be well documented, thoroughly examined. Money shouldn't be a motive for genetic engineering - it will too often lead to problems (and some rich persons). When money is the motive, we almost always go too fast, we close our eyes and press the red button.