Sukh Singh

Founding Member, Entrepreneurial Club

About Sukh



An idea worth spreading

At a basic level, the idea of empowering children to take the lead in their own lives. To really allow them to see their own potential and the potential of others, so that they can WANT to add positive value into the world, truly make a difference for themselves and for others. I would love to use the medium of film and media to help teach principles of leadership and community; a fun and engaging tool for kids to change their lives.

I'm passionate about

Life, and the opportunity to be able to add value into the world where I can. My relationships with family, my friends, colleagues, and people I haven't met yet. I am happiest when helping others grow

People don't know I'm good at

Cooking, and moonwalking...

My TED story

While watching a Def Poetry Jam of Rives, I rolled my mouse over to a similar video, "Is 4am the new midnight?". This was the beginning of my TEDizenship. From there it went to Tony Robbins, Al Gore, and Sir Ken Robinson...that last one was a huge wake up call. From then on I have tried to watch a TED Talk whenever I can rather than something else on TV. I have been inspired, in awe, laughed and been close to tears for the past year, and hope to continue to have such amazing moments for a very long time...Having the TED community here is just another great chance to share that appreciation and meet like-hearted people!

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