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Journalist, translator and reviewer, particularly passionate about music. Technology enthusiast in the service of science – in close collaboration for the welfare of humanity. Poker player in my spare time, with interest in statistics and probability, both in this knowledge can help in my game as some larger branches. Learned from my girlfriend that there are good intentions and great deeds motivated by religion, but wish they were motivated by morals and ethics, for so we could save the ills of religious fanaticism.


English, Portuguese

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Journalism & Communication, Music, Poker and Gaming, sports

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Good old categorical imperative, by Kant. "Act only on that maxim which you can at the same time will that it should become a universal law."

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Roberto Paes
Posted about 4 years ago
Do you think that based on anthropological explanations infidelity can be a non optional legitimate behavior?
This way, it's like a clash of memes and genes. Then people would not be rational enough to hold their instincts. Not believe it. The inheritance of instincts may in part explain some difficulty in establishing monogamy, but there is an important factor to consider: the extent to which matters, rationally, that change. The institution of marriage is a social imposition, in general. The fact that people get married doesn't mean that they really believe in monogamy, or want to be monogamous. Unfaithful persons marry with the deliberate intention to continue infidels. Moral values outweigh instincts; social constructs do not work.