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Ben Schorr
Posted over 3 years ago
Heather Knight: Silicon-based comedy
I think it's an exciting concept but I'm afraid this demo falls short. 1. The robot isn't making up jokes, it's just playing back jokes it's been told. That's o.k., but my iPod does that too. 2. The concept of it learning from feedback is the exciting bit, but I didn't see any evidence of that. It might have done the same routine regardless of what the audience said. In the age of Kinect are we really that impressed with a robot that might see big colored cards in the audience? I'm more impressed with the laugher/applause sensor, though again...I didn't see any evidence that it actually used that feedback to adjust its routine. If you really want to impress me, do away with the cards and have the robot read body language. That would be exciting. Like the concept, interested to see where they go with it in the future, not blown-away by this 5 minutes.
Ben Schorr
Posted over 4 years ago
Julia Sweeney: It's time for "The Talk"
I'm a little late to the TED community and maybe I'm misunderstanding the concept, but it's not clear to me how this talk really fits with "Ideas worth spreading." This seems to be a comedy routine to me, and while I enjoy Ms. Sweeney and found her talk entertaining, I seem to be missing the idea that she's spreading.