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Native of Tunis, Tunisia. Tunisia marks an intersection of cultures: it is a place where Arabic, Berber, French, and Italian ideas, ideologies, and dialects interweave.
Fares graduated from IHEC Carthage in Tunis in 2008 with a BS in Business and a concentration in Finance.
Fares is currently a graduate student at the University of Portland pursuing an MBA. He also tutors in French for the Department of International Languages and Cultures. Interests include international finance, behavioral economics, politics, travelling, and sports.


Arabic, English, French

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Geographer, Finance & Economics, Management and business leadership, soccer

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Posted almost 4 years ago
Dan Buettner: How to live to be 100+
Thank you Dan for this insightful talk. I would like to point that wealth and/or easy access to health care are strongly related to life expectancy. For that reason, life expectancy is higher in developed countries than developing countries. And, even within the same country, let’s take the US as an example, according to a study published in the online journal PLoS, the wealthy have longer life expectancies than the poor; and this due to the “abundance” of social and health programs in those parts of the country.
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Posted almost 4 years ago
Euvin Naidoo: Why invest in Africa
Indeed ,nowadays, investing in Africa seems enticing. However, I wonder if these investments are going to benefit the majority of the population or just the "elite" that surround the government. Africa needs the help of the international NGOs and the contribution of the developed countries in order to fight against foreign corruption in the first place.