Gabriela Elazar

Netaim, Israel

About Gabriela


Applied Materials, PDC Division, Marketing, 2005-current
Marketing & Business Analyst, CI
Collection, analysis & distribution of competitive information regarding our products & relevant markets. Closely works with products marketing, Business Management group, and corporate offices. Profiling of main competitors, production & distribution of competitors’ quarterly reports, tracing competitor sales & activities. Promotion of organizational awareness to CI-related issues & news, including employees training, news about competitive arena, etc.
Market size and market share.
Internal marketing portal

Applied Materials, PDC Division, BMO, 2001-2005
Strategic Marketing Analyst
Project manager for the implementation of competitive and business intelligence culture in organization. Mapping of needs and information sources, business processes implementation, Responsible for business analysis preparation required for monthly product and business reviews used within the organization.
Lost business process
Market size assessment: Research and analysis of business trends, industry’s fluctuations, customers spending, etc.

Applied Materials, PDC Division, BMO, 1999-2001
Tactical Marketing Analyst
Business forecast: Updated and maintained company forecast, working closely with Regional Business Managers, operations and sales force.
Business reports: Developed BRIO-based build demand, new orders and revenue tracking reports that serve as the company’s management in its strategic business decisions. Business applications & processes: Liaison between corporate and PDC. Trainer of business processes and applications to new employees.

Applied Materials/ORBOT, Business Development , 1997-1999
Marcom and Public Relation
Company’s literature: Update of company's brochures and datasheet as well as marketing presentations. Responsible for the company’s official presentations; point of contact for visits; giveaways; etc.
Exhibitions and trade shows: Coordinator of company’s industry tradeshows, including preparation of photos, trade show background material, brochures, mock-ups logistics
Website: Contributor to ORBOT's website and newsletter

Weitzman Technical Writing & Translations Ltd, 1995-1997
Translator & Editor
Translator (English-Spanish-Hebrew(
Editor & supervisor of translation projects which included presentation preparation and graphic files. Manager of translation teams and communication with customers.
Major fields: PC manuals, on line help and technical documentation; military and communication.
Various companies and studies (freelancer), 1990-1995
Translator & Editor
Translator (English-Spanish-Hebrew(
Major fields: TV series; movies; translation for dubbing
Major projects; “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”, various science series, different animated series such as: “Manu”, “Tom Sawyer”, “Scamper”, “Samurai Cats”, Discovery wild nature series


English, Hebrew, Spanish

Areas of Expertise

Literature, Marketing, Business intelligence

I'm passionate about

1. Latin American literature . Avid reader of Isabel Allende (great TED talk!!!), Gabriel Garcia Marques and Jorge Luis Borges. 2.. Brazilian music 4. Jewelery (buy it not make it...)5. Mafalda

Talk to me about

literature, great women, latin america, design

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Comments & conversations

Gabriela Elazar
Posted over 4 years ago
Ken Robinson: Changing education paradigms
One of the most inspiring talks ever! perfect marriage between content & form would love to translate it (to Hebrew)! A pity that Sir Robinson's extremely important message does not get enough exposure, at the places it should, such as govmnt education departments all over the world. i am not sure that the people that deifne the education models saw this or listened to his ideas.. It is indeed time for this paradigm shift, the sooner the better Living in one of the countries appraised for its brains, I am really concerned that this may be a thing of the pas. Looking into the future, I dont see much hope for unless a serious shift in the way we eductae our children (ie,future humankind) indeed takes place.. I know that educators in my country are in most cases out dated and challenged in face of the changing times & needs- I doubt they can bring on this revolution. It should be carefully orchestrated- and this can be realized only if the $$ people up there understand that education deserves investing
Gabriela Elazar
Posted about 5 years ago
What Makes Us Happy?
How 2 Live b4 u die: A few years ago, this lecture was a life changer for me. Stay Hungry Stay Foolish have evolved into Stay Alive, and since I 1st saw this heart moving lecture, I think about it every day, and try to follow. Thank you Steve Jobs and Thank you TED for sharing this!