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My Birth date is: February, 7th 1957 LEVEL OF STUDIES: Postgraduation in Art & Culture, Graduation in History, Postgraduation in Public Management, Postgraduation in University Teaching, Graduation in English NATIVE LANGUAGE: Portuguese NOT NATIVE LANGUAGES: English, Certificate of Proficiency – Cambridge University and Spanish - regular, French – not good PROFISSIONAL EXPERIENCE: Historian and History searcher/investigator for the study of Art and Mithology, English teacher, English translator TRAVELS: United States (Orlando – Florida), Egypt, France (Paris), Argentina (Buenos Aires), England (London), Italy and Germany REGISTERED BOOKS, but still not published: How it all began, Rescue, Tii, the tales of an immortal soul


English, Spanish

Areas of Expertise

History, History Medieval and Renaissance, Egyptian Archaeology, Art & Art History, Art & Culture History, Art & Design, Historical fiction, Photography, Movies, Literature Fantasy

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I'm passionate about

History, Art, Culture, photography, traveling, literature, movies, photos, writing, cats, blogging, TWITTER @lilimachado, ORKUT lilimachado, FACEBOOK lilimachado, FLICKR lilimachadohistoriadora


Cambridge University

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travels, books, movies, photography, writing, translating, blogs, sites, social media, design, history, art&culture, lecturing, Historical fiction, Fantasy fiction, handcrafting, jewel design, cats

People don't know I'm good at

My readers and students know about me and my potencial - but they may not know about my jewel design beauty

My TED story

My husband André Machado is already a TED member and just today is at TEDxSudeste in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - also, some of my friends from a social media site called SKOOB - www.skoob.com.br - about books, are there. They told me about the translation of lectures and that´s why I´m here - I want to translate the lectures and participate in the others TED workshops in Brazil and worldwide.