Vlad Solodovnyk

San Jose, CA, United States

About Vlad


Global Management MBA interested in working with companies that explore how emerging technologies and new buiness models can make the world a better place. Held a variety of positions in technology industry, ranging from international marketing analyst to business process consultant. Currently engaged as Business Development Analyst with Krilix, a mobile marketing company in San Jose, California.



Areas of Expertise

Global Business Development & Strategy

An idea worth spreading

We should let go of the fear that others will use your ideas without permission and focus on increasing our ability to generate new ones.

I'm passionate about

The role of startups and business ecosystems that support the future and transformation of economy and society.

Talk to me about

Startup ideas centered around providing significant value for free.

People don't know I'm good at

Suggesting solutions to critical comments I make.

My TED story

5/6/2010: clicked on the link posted on Asana's website and hoping to know more