Patrik Fallqvist

Sollebrunn, Sweden

About Patrik

Areas of Expertise

Music, Music - Arrangement, Composition, Performance, Studio, Singer and Songwriter, Guitar playing, Writing - Fiction and Non Fiction, Drawing/Painting, sketching, computers / technology

I'm passionate about

The world we live in, helping other help themselves and open people's mindes. I also love music, I both sing and play various instruments. Love and happiness to all, for all deserve it.

Talk to me about

Music and making music. Drawing and writing. Computers and computergames. The world, and how and why it need to be changed in order for it to continue exsisting as it is today.

People don't know I'm good at

Writing and painting. Most people that meet me for the first time get positivly suprised when the hear me singing, might not be that obvious that I am a singer. Making love ;)

My TED story

I first came in contact with TED and the TED talkes when i was browsing around on youtube and it suggested that I should look on one of the TED talkes.. I think it was the one by Hans Rosing (who is actually from Sweden like me).

I got hooked instantly and subscribed to the TED youtube channel. I couldn't belive it actually exsisted such a thing as TED.. that is just what the world need more of. Open mindes and open discussions about everything and how to make it better for everyone. Instant love! Keep doing a great job!