Sue Feng

Business Consultant and Coach,
Shanghai, China

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Chinese, English

Areas of Expertise

travelling in Shanghai, social media (especially China's market) , Coach - life, business, brand, coach - lifestyle - business, Chinese poem

An idea worth spreading

I am planning to create a "how-to" workshop for youth.

I'm passionate about

Innovation, Marketing, Research, Interview & journalist, Documentary. How design changes habits and behaviors. UGC website. Education.

Talk to me about

Open job positions; business cooperation; brilliant ideas about education, social media.

Comments & conversations

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Sue Feng
Posted almost 3 years ago
Matt Cutts: Try something new for 30 days
I've heard if you want to change a habit, it just takes 21 days if you persist. Watch this talk, be inspired again! Sometimes, I don't do something I really want might because I suppose it takes a long time to change or add. Matt's talk encourage me to start something new, and start to do something I always want to do. I will come back and tell you some stories during these days. See you~