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Breakthrough biological innovations are the future of architecture. By architecture, I mean humanity as I assume that architecture is the face that represents evolution of humanity.

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architecture, fine art, green living, new energy&innovation, climate change, education&creativity, other global issues and beyond


Edison State College

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Anh Tran
Posted almost 5 years ago
Bertrand Piccard: My solar-powered adventure
Rome wasn't built in one day, that's why we've still been researching and believing to the future's innovations. As you mentioned the oversize solar panels, I would say that we should be supportive until we've gotten solutions for that such issues.
Anh Tran
Posted almost 5 years ago
Kevin Surace: Eco-friendly drywall
I think the project just started 4 years ago, it's still kind of premature. We need time to test out if its impact is in the good way or not. Anyway, we'll look forward to see the day this good idea spread around the world and be a part of the fighting against global warming.