Henrik Ahlen

Expert Generalist - Project manager, Alfa Bravo AB
Stockholm, Sweden

About Henrik


I am an advisor and project manager in digital and mobile services.
I manage development projects from needs analysis and idea generation to production.
My field is mainly in life science.
My blog about online business development: http://alfabravo.com (in English)

Engaged in and updated about interactive media since 1988. My specialities: inspiring people to use services/products that I believe in myself. Being an idea catalyst; doing analysis, driving development projects and creating new business opportunities, making sure that good ideas are turned into profitable business solutions. See my blog: http://alfabravo.com/blog

My specialties: Business development and project management. Management of development projects and international research in online and mobile business services. Creating documented, structured and highly efficient workgroup methods using smart online tools.

I have an extensive international business network and extensive experience of international production and cooperation. My roots are in film and television. I have worked as a cameraman and editor for national television news/documentaries and feature films, as well as a producer of corporate films. From that I became interested in interactive multimedia production. I founded Ahead MultiMedia AB in 1988. It became Sweden's leading professional multimedia production house, growing to 40 employees by 1995 when it was sold to Bonnier Publishing Group.

I had a great time in Los Angeles, California in 1999-2000 when I was vice-president for Internet development and working with an internet-based training portal. 2000-2001 I worked with e-learning development as Studio Manager at the Interactive Institute in Stockholm.

I am also an active partner in the Founders Alliance, a network for serial entrepreneurs in Stockholm, see http://www.foundersalliance.com and Coach & Capital, a venture capital company, see http://www.coachandcapital.se/english.html


English, French, German, Swedish

TED Conferences

TEDActive 2014, TEDGlobal 2013

Areas of Expertise

Interactive Media, bootstrapping, Scenario Planning, brainstormer, Online Revenue Generation, generalist - interested in many things

I'm passionate about

Using digital technology to empower patients in health care and for creating a sustainable environment. Life-long learning. Enhancing our quality of life.

Talk to me about

Seeking consultancy assignments, partnership or employment. Also open for interim management and advisory boards. International assignments.

People don't know I'm good at

Fire breathing!

My TED story

I started dreaming about attending a TED conference in the early 90s when I read about it in the WIRED magazine. Since 2006 I am enjoying the TED Talks online. I am co-founder of TEDxStockholm, we were one of the first TEDx events, so far I have moderated 5 TEDxStockholm events and been a mentor for several other TED organizers.

Favorite talks

Comments & conversations

Henrik Ahlen
Posted over 4 years ago
Rachel Botsman: The case for collaborative consumption
I find this talk important, so I am translating it into Swedish to be able to spread it more around here. This afffects many areas. Now that all kinds of media is being digitized. I am disappointed that there is no media mentioning the fact that for example ebooks that you have bought are not possible to sell or even giveaway. And they are still around the same price as a printed book.
Henrik Ahlen
Posted over 4 years ago
Jason Fried: Why work doesn't happen at work
There are many more places outside the office than the home where you can work better under some circumstances. If you have a report to write, internet research to do, a budget to create, why not do it someplace else, so that you can work uninterrupted and enjoy a new location? Such as at cafés, parks, mountain lodges, in your car parked in the forest etc.
Henrik Ahlen
Posted almost 5 years ago
Chris Anderson: How web video powers global innovation
Great to see that Chris is himself up to the very high standard that TED has developed. I totally agree that ‎"What Gutenberg did for writing, online video can now do for face-to-face communication". I have organized 5 TEDxStockholm events and seen the terrific glow in people's eyes when they open their minds and connect with other inspiring people. This growing crowd should definitely be accelerated into using online video both ways! I want to convince all Swedish high schools to show a TED Talk every Friday afternoon, this should d be done at schools worldwide. The talks could be selected based on current subjects in the curriculum, current public debate etc and everybody will also learn English at the same time. This should inspire many more young people to embrace TED and start making their own TED talks and local TEDx events. Let's work on schools globally to make this happen!
Henrik Ahlen
Posted almost 5 years ago
Elizabeth Gilbert: Your elusive creative genius
What a warm and encouraging talk! I hope the success of the movie version of Eat, Pray, Love will attract new people to come to TED.com to watch this and other inspiring talks. Let's help spread the word to our movie-going friends!
Henrik Ahlen
Posted almost 5 years ago
Charles Leadbeater: Education innovation in the slums
Great talk on a critically important subject for us all! We do need to rethink our educational system. Our current Western school system is still based on the medieval European church schools and it is out of synch with today's ever-changing information society. We need people with all kinds of abilities and skills, and we need to implement a life-long learning culture where the schools are not disconnected to our work places. Do do this we need to open our minds and take a close look at examples like this!