alex sumadijaya

-Biologist & Naturalist-
Bogor, Indonesia

About alex


translator, interpreter, researcher, observer, executor, & the most of all: Thinker


English, Indonesian

Areas of Expertise

Plant Taxonomy and Systematics, Evolutionary Biology

An idea worth spreading

Aboard THE SINKING ARK (Myers), in a PALE BLUE DOT (Sagan) is totally INCONVENIENT TRUTH (Gore).

We, as infestation of SELFISH GENE (Dawkins), act as MEME MACHINE (Blackmore), rules like THE WEATHER MAKER (Flannery), in form of THE THIRD CHIMPANZEE (Diamond), should do something before COLLAPSE (Diamond) or THE REVENGE OF GAIA (Lovelock) happened.

the GRAND DESIGN (Hawking), only derived by JUST SIX NUMBERS (Rees). Virtually gave born to ORIGIN OF LIFE (Dyson), through EVOLUTION (Ridley), producing GENOME (Matt Ridley), scatttered along the ORIGIN OF HUMANKIND (Leakey), as a BLANK SLATE (Pinker), performs trait of THE ANCESTOR's TALE (Dawkins), showing THE ORIGIN OF VIRTUE (Ridley), but oftenly conquers each other by GUNS, GERMS and STEEL (Diamond).

Science, finally UNWEAVING THE RAINBOW (Dawkins) of mistery, irrational & misticism, in THE DEMON-HAUNTED WORLD (Sagan), and preparing human race to make HITCH-HIKER GUIDE TO THE GALAXY (Adams) to exploring COSMOS (Sagan).

I'm passionate about

Thinking, observing about life & universe in the light of science


Virginia Tech, UI

Talk to me about

Almost anything in SCIENCE:
Evolution, Biology, Taxonomy, Physic, Chemistry, Psychology, Philosophy, Astronomy, Language, Neuroscience, Religion, Culture, Geography, Human, History.

People don't know I'm good at

Thinking & Planing

My TED story

Fascinated, Inspired, & Jaw-Dropped by:

GREAT speakers (Dawkins, Gore)
BEST pronounciation & explanations (Wells, Pinker)
AMAZING Ideas & Facts (Rosling, Ridley, Blackmore, Rockstrom, Petranek, Ramachandran, Wolfe)
UNBELIEVEABLE Achievements (Venter, Stone, Wolfram, Underkoffler)
Compassion (Goddall)
FUTURE Forecasters (Kelly, Kurzweil)

Favorite talks