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Born in 1984 in the Czechoslovakia. Now living in Prague - Czech Republic. Working as an account manager, project manager, seller and trainer for a small training company. Graduated in management in 2008. Was assosiated with AIESEC in the Czech Republic - an international platform for young people to discover and develop their leadership potential (NGO/student organization). Traveled to Turkey, Switzerland, Latvia and Poland as a facilitator of worskhops for youth. Would like to visit France, Skandinavia, Sri Lanka, Sardinia, Cyprus, Africa,... Likes dancing and singing when nobody´s watching, Haribo bears, hiking, reading... Has an older brother and mum and step father living in a village of 80 people. Is the only one in close family who can speak English.


Czech, English, Slovak

I'm passionate about

reading, dancing, personal development, hiking, eating and loving

Talk to me about

training, facilitating, coaching, NLP, the world café, Port de Bras, visual facilitating - just talk to me about anything =)

People don't know I'm good at

singing and making pancakes (both possible in the same time =)

My TED story

I got to know TED through www.peoplecomm.cz. I started to watch TED talks from time to time. And then an idea of becoming TED translator appeared. The reasons are to enable non-English speakers to watch TED, gain professional inspiration and practise and enriche my English speaking skills.

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