R D Bhatnagar

Chief Technology Officer, DB Corp Ltd
Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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Project Management, IT & Business Management, Printing & Media Design

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R D Bhatnagar
Posted over 3 years ago
How can we make the world even smaller, more accessible? *A TEDActive Mobility Project Question*
The world could be become smaller and more accessible if the technology could transform from usage of text to speech. If people could use their speech which is searchable, indexable, translatable, it would get the whole world on a single platform. The amount of time that is required to translate the thought into text is humongous and repelling. Added to the limitations on the input device like a keyboard that requires a person to acquire some skill can completely change the original thought into something else. If one could just speak in the air and the technology could capture the spoken sentence by its voice imprint, do all the processing and forward it to the intended recipient, perhaps then the world will the smallest and instantly accessible.