About Rachel


My name is Rachel Lauren Tobias.
In a past life I studied international relations, Arabic, and how to make international development more efficient, effective, and most importantly, compassionate.
Now I work under the Bay Bridge for a design consultancy called IDEO helping spread human-centered design across the products and services we use and create as a society.
I love the Earth.
I love the People of the Earth.
My life goal is to Make My Mark.
I take pictures to exercise my eyes.
I like to eat Swedish Fish, avocados, and rice with milk.
I always wear two different socks. Always.
I climb rocks so I can see the into the distance.
I would love to know what inspires you.


Arabic, Spanish

TED Conferences

TEDActive 2014, TEDWomen 2013, TEDActive 2013

I'm passionate about

The Earth. The Ocean. Social Entrepreneurship. Culture. Language. Love. Whales. Travel. Photography. Making a Mark. Crowdfunding for Business. Human-centered Design. Compassion. Passion.

Talk to me about

Human-centered design. Crowdfunding. Whales. Photography. Rock Climbing. Good Music. Vinyl Records. Red Wine. Social Entrepreneurship.

Favorite talks