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Nils Norman Haukås
Posted about 4 years ago
Jane McGonigal: Gaming can make a better world
I've done some game designing, but never applied myself seriously and I think it's largely because I've been ambivalent about the importance of games. There's not many who claim games to be so important as Jane McGonigal does in this talk, not even most game developers. That's why it's quite refreshing to hear this talk from McGonigal, who's seriously researching games, their potential and publicly informing the rest of us. My take on the importance of games, is that it has always been important to us. Much more than we realize. Play is paramount to most (if not all) species, just look at how it prepares younglings like kittens, bear cubs and puppies for the real world. Therefore play should be recognized as very important for us humans in becoming better prepared for life. Keep it up! ^^