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Arch Chang
Posted over 2 years ago
Graham Hill: Less stuff, more happiness
Sometimes, I just really don't know how could some issues that had been told centuries ago get on TED. Did he provide another thoughts? methods? The idea to live with less desire is a whole new idea? So many books and thinkers have been talk this issue in a very long time. Just a man with a box on TED means we can get something we don't know yet or change our habits? If one could, he already change it. If one could not, seeing this file or not doesn't matters.
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Arch Chang
Posted over 3 years ago
Sheena Iyengar: The art of choosing
This talk remains me Barry Schwartz's TED talk, "The paradox of choice" that also discussed about the aspect of choosing. In Sheena's talk, she just try to give us a view of the different acts when people making choice in the different countries or culture, and to challenge the general thoughts of making choice. Not been able to have a green tea with sugar is just a little cute opening story to depict how different people react when facing to other one's choice . Against her freedom ? Offensive to the tradition ? I don't see it in that way.