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Solution Strategist with an Analytics Startup in Cupertino, US - last three months | MBA student at Haas School of Business - last two years | Cofounder and Executive Director of Jagriti Yatra (India's first university on board a running train) - 2007-12 | Bachelor of Architecture student 2001-06 |||||| Proud translator - Highest number of talks translated to Hindi in this awesome world ... yo hooo ... currently working on an education project for India ... been on it for the last one year.. making progress..


English, Hindi, Punjabi

An idea worth spreading

Tonnes of folks not formal teachers | many of them can be great teachers | Rope them in and we will have no shortage of good teachers | tech can help but don't go all iPad on me === think mobile non smartphone simple normal regular mobile poorest of the poor use

I'm passionate about

1) Education 1.1) Education for smaller kids 2) Bringing transparency to the world to kill bureaucracies

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Innovation, Education, Music, Drama, Theater, Movies, Brain, Experiments, Courage, Gender, Data, Hacks

People don't know I'm good at

Complex Mathematics

My TED story

Started long back, got hooked on. Started translating to Hindi, became the guy with the most translations to Hindi .. yo hooo .. I blow my trumpet...

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Swapnil Dixit
Posted over 5 years ago
Vishal Vaid: Hypnotic South Asian improv music
Robert, there is something fake about this performance. I have brought up on a heavy diet of street music in India - and not in Delhis and Mumbais, in remote locations and authenticity of Indianness... can't really figure out why this doesn't impress me. This isn't something I would say is worth time on TED