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Ronald Estrada
Posted 8 months ago
Cameron Herold: Let's raise kids to be entrepreneurs
I listen to all his examples of learning to be an entrepreneur and feel inspired. Then I remember doing similar things as a child and it made me wonder if he looked poor, if he lived in a neighborhood that wasn't safe to walk around in, if the entrepreneurs in his neighborhoods had to compete with drug dealers and black marketers, if his parents weren't home because they were at a "Job", making some market driven wage, determined by some profit driven entrepreneur. This reminds me that there is a privilege to creativity and owning a business is just one of them. "Government handouts", in a TED talk, please, this entrepreneur might benefit from a comprehensive discovery of poverty, privilege, bias, humility, and service to complement his excitement about business, shortcuts, bright ideas, and parenting skills. Let's raise kids to be a whole lot more than economic stimulants. A great talk and demonstration in privilege and having the odds in your favor. Malcom Gladwell does a nice job of unfolding the entrepreneurial strategy for the underdog.
Ronald Estrada
Posted over 2 years ago
How will travel change local places in the future?
Local means to me minimal, ecological, and symbiotic. Local implies to me that we are considerate of our surroundings. Surroundings can and should include culture and environment. These two words are loaded but I think respecting the humanity, animals, plants, geography, and air constitute what they mean for me. Local does not mean trendy. Local is not marketable. Local is not a label but a condition. I think travel embodies the antagonist or is the paradox to local, the verb that might embody foreigner. It embodies the fleeing or restless spirit that is mostly driven by survival, but, in humanity, travel can be driven by desire. I think travel is necessary for growth, adaptation, and evolution. I think travel has become trendy, marketable, and creates the need for labels. I think the two go together like night and day. I think the balance is in the social consequences. When there is exploitation or ambition travel might lead to vogue, in turn we see local become, not so local. When there is progress and collaboration both reveal their creative and innovative spirit, but still attracts non local, becoming once again not so local. I think local is changing travel by finding ways to hide itself from travelers for the sake of the everlasting romance between village and metropolis.