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I am consulting and teaching about politics, internet, public relations.

Before that I used to be a printer.

Even before that:
- went to study philosophy and information sciences
- graphic arts school in zagreb, croatia
- born in 1972 in zagreb, croatia


Croatian, English

TED Conference


Areas of Expertise

media, Internet, politics, Democracy, activisim, Business

An idea worth spreading

Educating people is the easiest way to double your money and get return on your investment.
Stimulating creative thinking is critical in order to succed in rapidly shrinking and even faster changing world.
Rule of law, transparency of governance is a foundation for a prosperous society.

There are no boxes (or borders) large enough to contain great ideas.

I'm passionate about

media, internet, politics

Talk to me about

politics, activisim, technology, science, environment, economy, education, learning, democracy, books, music

People don't know I'm good at

I am highly technical geeky guy with understanding of social interaction and what it requires. My best ability is thinking out of the box (100% of the time).

My TED story

unfortunately i have to go to TED first :(

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