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Pune, India

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Milan Maheshwari
Posted over 2 years ago
How do we save African elephants from extinction?
We need to first understand the reasons behind their extinction. If humans poaching is responsible,it is bit difficult as there is no way one can remove "GREED" from the humans. Anything other than that is a possibility. My theory of life on earth is- " when god gave life on earth, first plants, trees flowers etc were created, when he looked down he said still looks dry, so made birds ( added some colors) but still something was missing, so made animals, still something was missing so made under water life and so on except human beings. Everything looked so beautiful, god fell in love with it. But, his principle is creation and than destruction. So now how to destroy this!! "HE MADE HUMANS IN THE LAST" to destroy everything. How much ever any one tries, you can't beat god's will, can you?