About Pavel


Working in media since 1994. I am now involved with translations and directing of dubbing for a nation-wide television channel. I care a lot about language and precise interpreting (rather than translating) and participate in non-profit projects like a pronunciation dictionary (forvo.com) or the Czech language educational project (czechprimer.org). I also collaborate with the information society magazine ikaros.cz and a number of media organizations.

I graduated from new Media Studies at the Faculty of Arts of the Charles University in Prague. My undergraduate field is Media Studies. I am interested in Information and Interactive design, public transit systems and communication in public spaces. My other interests involve photography, architecture and things technical and industrial.

I work on a documentary film on an American marine artist, printmaker and a structuralist, Donald Stoltenberg (stoltenberg.info).

Areas of Expertise

Audience Research, Photography and video, Information Design

An idea worth spreading

Fix it your self.

I'm passionate about

Learning, being inspired, words and meanings. Public spaces. Wayfinding and information design. Public transit. Human-centered design. Human-Computer Interaction.

Talk to me about

Society, new media, cultural heritage, art, opera...

People don't know I'm good at

Baking, thinking, planning, flying...

My TED story

I am getting involved with TED as a translator. I like to participate in projects I am excited about and I like to return something to the community. TED is a wonderful and inspiring project.

Favorite talks