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I think all the problems and all the solutions have evolved from a single point. Human is a weak "animal". It has no claws, no lightning fast reflexes, no super strength, no super accurate senses, rather it has an extraordinary mind. From that mind humans stood out over time from the different species that where our competition. Now we have no one to compete rather than ourselves. We created everything we see. Everything from a single mind.
I think the way that we think has to do with everything. If we change our mentality then, and only then, we can Change the world. Like we changed each time we all had a thought.

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loop johnny
Posted almost 2 years ago
Elizabeth Loftus: How reliable is your memory?
As someone with very bad memory, I feel somewhat blessed now. Because I never really relied on my memory that much, which ended up giving me a more skeptical and direct approach to things. However, I usually trust the memory of other known people that speak with confidence/detail/emotion. I should change my approach to that too.