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Gijón, Spain

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I was born in Bolivia, I hold a Bsc. degree in Pharmacy. Then I moved to Spain in order to attain a PhD. in Food Science & Technology. Throughout my life I´ve been a pioneer, this means that I have struggled constantly in my personal and professional life to reach goals that women are "not supposed to achieve". This is not a complaint, I am happy with the role that I chose, life is not supposed to be easy and obstacles are the only way to become a better person. I am thankful for the gifts I have and I want to do what´s in my hands to improve other being´s lifes.


English, Spanish

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Microbiology, Chemistry, Management and business leadership

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We did not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we are borrowing it from our children

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Ternura Rojas
Posted over 4 years ago
Nuclear Energy vs Other Non-Fossil Fuel based energy sources
I agree with you BUT we are doing the "Homer Simpson" all the time. We handle Nuclear material and waste in such an irresponsible fashion, it is appalling. Even the Japanese, who have shown a great deal of discipline lately, after the earthquake are unable to perform and guarantee proper maintenance of their nuclear plants. Therefore, unless we change the subject matter into control for proper management, the human species will not earn our right to harness this energy. Very similar situation we have with the monetary/economic subject, the wrong hands=the worst outcome attained.