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Shreveport, LA, United States

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martin smith
Posted about 2 years ago
Which video game has challenged your perspective on the way you live your life and how?
EVERQUEST: In 7th grade I started playing in January 2000 and didn't quit until 2005. I am 25. This game is a fantasy MMORPG game. Immediately my vocabulary increased, a lot. The game content did this not the PCs. Started educating myself how to build computers to run games faster leading to a interest in science and technology. Again no one helped me (except forums). Throughout high school my twin brother got in so much bad trouble it was deafening, I however got in no trouble. Adventuring frightened me a lot and had me on edge whenever I traveled to unknown locations (sometimes dying, one time losing my corpse and everything on it) but afterwards having the knowledge and experience to then help people know what I know and grouping with them to help me and them was well worth the sweat and adrenaline, not to mention the anger and beat-in keyboards. Everquest has taught me a lot looking back over the years, particularly at a very young age, but if I would have to tell you one thing this game has taught me more than anything it is you have to group with different types of people in different environments, some times, to have a really good time and the same applies outside. I have been catching up outside since 05 going off to college in Colorado and doing everything there is and I've only hit the 1% mark so keep adventuring wherever and whenever! Safe Sailing, ~Martin