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“Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.”
Winston Churchill

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Štefan Kováč
Posted over 4 years ago
Lesley Hazleton: On reading the Koran
I really wish I could believe Koran teaches love and peace indeed. However, several doubts come to my mind concerning this questions. 1. What and how many interpretations are there within Islam? All interpretations are peaceful? Why should not we think of at least two Islams? What kind of unity do you mean? Do Islam religious authorities speak in one voice? 2. Am I still brother to a Muslim when I choose to be Christian, Atheist or Jew? Can I still go to heaven when I deny to believe Islam? 3. Should Asia Bibi be sentenced to death? Should apostates be killed? What about Shahbaz Bhatti? What was his crime? 4. Try to google out pope apologizes, imams apologise. Why there no results in second case? 5. Consider the religious persecution within Islam countries. The worst ranking (according to OpendoorsUSA) country - North Korea. But then 8 worst ranking Islam countries follows. http://www.opendoorsuk.org/resources/persecution/ 6. Why Europeans should permit so broad religious freedom to incoming Muslims, when such freedoms seldom exist in dominantly Muslims countries? I do not condemn Koran since I have not read it and cannot interpret it. But where is (political) Islam currently leading to? No wonder that Muslims disdain our opportunistic liberalism but largely exploit it. More mosques, own education system, even own legal system. We are so tolerant. As Gilbert K. Chesterton stated: Tolerance is the virtue of the man without convictions. This kind tolerance becomes very popular conviction for many westerns. I do not share this concept of tolerance. I believe in Jesus and I also believe that many non-Christians also go to heaven. I believe more open we are, whether I am Christian, Muslim or Atheist, the more truth we get. If critical openness to assess and condemn wrong and bad things in the name of one religion is not possible, what should people think about it? I hope this is not the case of current Islam
Štefan Kováč
Posted over 5 years ago
Sam Harris: Science can answer moral questions
Fides et ratio - the principle which make our western culture flourish. It is at least inaccurate to title the pontiff demagog. Benedict XVI is one of the few moral authorities who appeal to reason. Just read the last encyclical Caritas in veritate. Harris could easily inspire himself by this encyclical when talking about current challenges of morality. They are massmedia that assiduously kick around homosexual agenda, and other "big issues" of morality. Although Harris tries to deny multiculturalistic logic which treats every culture on value-equal basis he does the same mistake when throwing every religion into the same bag. Western culture owe christianity to liberty, basic human rights and conditions for scientific progress as well. And this would be hardly rejected with Galileo case. F.e.- no muslim country neither evolved into liberal democracy, neither recognize universality of human rights.Why should they? Just look at Turkish secular state, actually decaying.