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Epi Jay
Posted about 1 year ago
Are you comfortable with NSA collecting your personal data?
My only issue with this is that the Obama regime has shown scant respect for politically opposing views; if PRIZM was set up to detect terrorists, what happened in Boston? No, I think this is in the same league as the IRS targeting. It's not trivial to say that this is beginning to remind me of the Nazi regime and other socialist regimes in the world
Epi Jay
Posted over 4 years ago
Thulasiraj Ravilla: How low-cost eye care can be world-class
How much would costs go up if you have no crowding into tight spaces and maintainence of confidentiality and privacy? Are there adequate toliet facilities in areas where crowds of patients are seen waiting? What safety precautions are there for patients to avoid TB and other respiratory illensses (quite common in India) from other patients in their crowded vicinity? What are the ventillation parameters of the immediate environment? Would costs go up if ventillation, confidentiality, crowding standards are adopted?