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Milan, Italy

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Riccardo Susigan
Posted over 3 years ago
Is modern society's prescription for status and a successful life, even by TED standards, valid?
Genevieve, I share the same concern about our definition of "success". I feel that I cannot really distinguish what I deeply think a successful life is and what's I've read on the web about this topic. There are so many voices out there and it's difficult to elaborate them. Most of the times I read websites only from people I trust, but still the visions are so different. I guess in the pre-internet era things were a lot easier, when all the daily interactions were with people living in the same environment. You might had come across a professor/senior with particularly disruptive/challenging ideas once in a while, but it was a rare occurrence. Today I feel that my values/convictions are challenged almost weekly by people who live in a different country/social environment. And I struggle to adapt. Is this continual adjustment of our objectives beneficial or not? Should we try to stop this continuous flow of challenges (that may become noise after a while) and focus on what really matters for us at the time being? even if it is not perfect?