Fazlı Fatih Melemez

Teaching Assistant and Student, SAITEM
Zonguldak, Turkey

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English, Turkish

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Composite materials, Structural Health Monitoring

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all sort of sciences

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Composite materials, energy efficient vehicle tecnologies, biomimicry,

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tennis, cuz i haven't played yet

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Fazlı Fatih Melemez
Posted about 3 years ago
Julia Bacha: Pay attention to nonviolence
If we talk about, either for Palestinians or Isrealeans, killing of innocent people regardless what ever the reason is laying the basis of the act, we are talking about such a behavior (turned out to be a policy) that needs to be terminated. It sounds totally meaningless to talk and discuss here about who is right and why, because we are not spending more time than those are charged to overcome this issue. But as Bacha means, If we do feature this question; it may bring us one-step ahead of the problems current situation; are people able to express themselves freely and can they create a public opinion ? If so, let the Descartes approach works here, divide the problems into fragments and let local Gandhi's to solve them.