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Edinburg, TX, United States

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South Texas College Faculty member, Business Administration, and Bachelors in Applied Technology in Technology Management Faculty.


Chinese, English

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Empowering and unleashing college students to change the world through direct hands on projects implemented locally -or any location the students can achieve.

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Brad Altemeyer
Posted over 3 years ago
How will you help to fulfill Jamie Oliver's TED Prize wish?
last night my 10 year old cooked sugar snap pea's from her own 4ft x 4ft garden -she harvested her first crop on Sunday- and the plants are thriving- she has 3 other veggies planted that are comming up underneath the pea's --and it's thrilling to get the plants through the 2 frosts that we had (covered her raised bed garden, for those nights). She has also harvested cilantro from the yard, and rosemary to use in her cooking. -her school had a farmer raising fresh veggies to use in the school cooking -so, she started with pulling weeds there with her class sometimes- and has graduated to having her own garden at home provide fresh ingredients. --Perhaps it helps that we are in the Real South Texas near the Rio Grande River, and the Gulf of Mexico. -at least it gives us three growing seasons. My wife and I signed Jaime's petition a while back after his TV episodes -that he showed here in the TED Talk air'd -and the change will need a massive push from society- Schools -even Charters like the one my daughter goes to -are resistant to any change.