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Omaha, NE, United States

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Andy Wiley
Posted over 4 years ago
Rethink the human-centered airline experience. *A TEDActive Travel Project*
I think airlines should do away with the beverage and snack service. What other industry provides a similar service? Passengers should come with an expectation of being prepared with their own snacks. I think the biggest change the airlines could make is their communication. They should work to make travelers more informed of how the industry works. What situations cause flight delays? Why does a flight get oversold? How can a flight not have the appropriate staffing? If an airplane has a mechanical issue and needs service, what is the process of determining whether another plane is available or the flight will need to be canceled? If a flight does get canceled, what are the best options for that particular time? Is it early enough in the day that another flight will be available? Or is the likelihood of another flight being available improbable? How about sending real-time text messages to passengers already checked in on the status of a flight? This would give them the freedom to roam the airport until closer to the loading of the airplane. How about providing live entertainment in the terminals? Local singers, dancers, magicians, etc. could come in and perform. Make terminal seating areas like stadium seating with comfortable chairs and all the chairs could face the television or whatever entertainment is being offered. If I could have a satisfying experience during the times that I am at an airport but not in flight, it would make the customer experience on the flight irrelevant.