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Geoff Deal
Posted over 2 years ago
Energy generation for personal use should be free of control and taxation
Though I do think everyone should have means of generating some of their own energy, getting off the grid is not entirely the solution. The concept of the grid needs to be re-thought. The grid needs to be understood as a system for the exchange and sharing of energy not a means of distributing energy from a central source. If the grid could be owned and managed by the people that directly benefit from it then their would be a lot more motivation to move towards a greater diversity in sustainable energy sources. It is in the very benefit of the people who regulate our energy to ensure it remains a commodity, it is the shift of energy to an ubiquitous good that would drive away centralized control, and this is what they fear most. Therefore Communities must fight to foster development focused on creating energy abundance. Essentially shifting the grid to a means of sharing and exchanging the very good that was once regulated, and exploited. Trying to run from the issue by getting off the grid is only going to create a greater divide within our communities pitting the haves against the have nots and having the very people that want to solve this problem resenting each other. This is a community issue, asking a bigger question how do we make energy ubiquitous? I think it starts with awareness, people need to understand they are being exploited and they need to understand the alternatives, it is at this point communities can then decide to make a change. Here is an example of one community doing exactly that, its not the solution, but it is sure a start in the right direction.