Noriko Araki

Web Master, Autodesk
Tokyo, Japan

About Noriko


Since I joined Shakespeare Theatre after the graduation, my long journey has been going on. I started working with publishing companies in Tokyo to publish educational digital contents and materials. After these experiences, I stayed in the UK from 2002 to 2006 to study digital media production, Web, online journalism and IT. My current responsibilities are various from web maintenance to promotion, event planning..many kinds of marketing activities.


English, Japanese

Areas of Expertise

History, Ballet and Contemporary Dance, Writing/Editing, Web, UK, Charities, volunteering, Digital media, Travelling

I'm passionate about

I'm a crazy theatre, dance, ballet, traditional art and whatever. I'm keen on Web technology issues and UK news, and writing all about them in my blog.

My TED story

My first visit to TED was to view Jamie Oliver's prize speech in 2010. I was very fascinated with the idea of TED and speeches, and decided to dedicate what I can help for TED.