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Woodland Hills, CA, United States

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Lidia Shaddow is an artist living and working in Los Angeles. She was born in Israel and immigrated to USA with her family at the age of fourteen. After studying at the School of Visual Arts in New York she recieved her BFA from Art Center College of Design. For more detail plesase refere to website

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An idea worth spreading

no classrooms. The kids learn in lab, farm, kitchen, theatre, library, etc. Kids teach kids what they learned. Abundance of nature where kids can hike, play, and find silence and stillness.. A kibuts set up. kids learn and have responsibilities like growing and preparing their food, cleaning after themselves, making their cloths and build. Teachers are top scholars, professionals, scientists, mathematicians, inventors, astronaut, artists, chefs, TED people etc. in residence. They come for a year and teach from their knowledge and experience. They are facilitators that come to the school because they want to give their time to educate future global citizens with values that promote peace, creativity, humility, integrity and self esteem. The emphasis is on inspiring the kids to be qurious and to want to learn and create. The teacher recieve best accommodation, best organic food, free time, space and support for research and work on their individual projects.

I'm passionate about

TED interacting and brainstorming with wise and smart people who have great imagination, knowledge, will and are fearless, open minded, compassionate and kind. Creative people with a vision. chocolat

Talk to me about

Education, science, technology, medicin, art. About your story, your parents, family history, your best teachers, your vision, how you learn and teach and do it while hiking or making dinner.

People don't know I'm good at

painting, listening, being by myself, tolerant, respectful, compassionate, understanding people emotions, making peace.

My TED story

i am in love with TED. he is my best friend and inspiration. it makes the world such a better place and hopeful. i wish to be in the world conference.

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lidia shaddow
Posted over 3 years ago
Allan Jones: A map of the brain
absolutely awesome! inspiring. i wanted to befriend allan jones on facebook. oh my god do you know how many allan jones are there? i wish we would have a higher level of like on facebook . something like a scream or a siren for things that absolutely drive us crazy for more, things that we just want to scream from excitement. that is the button i would like to click right now! all my life i believed that the memory chip in our brain is a little lose. once they find it and plug it we will have past present and future, space and time all in that chip. soon. we will not have to spend so much money on heavy machinery to travel in space. all we have to do is tune in and tune out. one click for scream and one for jump! thank you mad my day. i dont know how you can stay calm with this information.
lidia shaddow
Posted over 5 years ago
Jamie Oliver: Teach every child about food
yes,and you want to do something about it. as an artist, educator and a mother of a teenager i would take all these hats off to put one . one of changing the public school system upsite down. get the kids out of their chairs. give them tools, for cooking, for making cloths, for building, for making music, for making art, for cleaning, for anything they can use to help themselves be self reliable, content, curious and interested in life. teachers need to be kind and compassionate. they should be facilitators. show the kids their individual way of learning and reinforce it. not critisize it. that is ok to learn the way they can and when they can. teach by making. oliver is right. he is very inspiring. i cant help but want to work with him on this and tell all my friends. it was very sad to see the kids reaction to the vegetables. in my next art class i will give each student a name of a vegetable to bring to class the rest will be very interesting.