Fabiola Nardecchia

Interaction Designer
Copenhagen, Denmark

About Fabiola


I was born and I've spent most of my life in Italy, but i don't feel as I can call myself Italian. Not because I don't love my country, but just because i feel like I'm a voluntary politic exiled. I don't think my country want to be represented by people as me and i don't absolutely want represent my country right now.
Anyway: I've a bachelor in Linguistics and Semiotics and actually I'm studying Design for Communicational Environments - Interaction Design and U.C.D- at my second year at Università degli Studi di Siena.
I've been a student at University of Helsinki during 2007 with the Erasmus Program and I'm currently a guest student at IT University of Copenhagen.
I used to work in many different places and with many different assigns.
I'm also a bartender and during the summertime I used to work for Italian Wave Love Festival as part of the 'production' of Psycho Stage.
Worked as Scene Director for the short movie 'Felice' by FuoriQuadro Production in 2009.


Danish, English, Finnish, Italian

Areas of Expertise

Open Source, Linguistics & cognition, Semiotics, American Literature, Physical Computing, Ubuntu, Communications

An idea worth spreading


I'm passionate about

Linguistics, politics,arts, music , video books and blogs. Interested in everything related to cultures and human cognition, semiotics and technology. Particular fascinated by Physical Computing.

People don't know I'm good at

I'm very good at see small reactions and image stories.