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Supply Officer in the Navy and know how to cut huge amounts of government. Entrepreneur of Juicing website based on The Gerson Therapy Big time into wanting to overhaul our government. Have 3 websites with ideas on how to do that. And my latest ideas on overhauling government that I will make a video soon discussing can be found at:

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TQM Total Quality Management, Juicing, Gerson Therapy Home Consultant

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Ethanol. Produce ethanol from a weed (switchweed) not corn which inflates all our food prices. Videos on overhauling our government soon to be made:

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TQM and Overhauling our Government. Juicing using the Gerson Therapy


Duke University

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Videos on overhauling our government soon to be made:

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Remote control airplane flying, tennis, jetskiing. Have applied TQM to thinking. See

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Excited to shoot my first video and grow with TED

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Boyd Martin
Posted over 2 years ago
How do we make Bureaucracy sexy?
Brett, Great meeting you the other day with me Dad Tyler Martin. I brainstormed the following for our new government 2.0 on the way to Asheville. Plan on making a video to pass in front of you, but here it is in writing. Hope you like some of the ideas: Opendemocracy 3/13/12 Free to get 2 people--- efficiency experts and common person (former supply officer, comptroller, cpa, financial planner, or other in money biz) going to federal, state, county, and city government -Use 100% of EOY spending average from previous 3 years These people will have a website to publish documentaries of government spending in spending order sequence and proposals for organizations in spending order sequence. -Movies to watch in priority sequence -Privatize all government can Government jobs limited to 10 Years Total -Any government jobs limited to 10 years total. All jobs city, county, state, and federal count toward the 10 years. So, no person can work more than a total of 10 years in government jobs. No government jobs get retirements except military -no retirements except military on tax payer dime. New military retirement get full retirement for 7 years, then 50% for middle 20 years then back full at age 60 or so. -Limit government top jobs $45k 10% or less, middle $35k 20% or less, low $25k federal, state, county, and city -Current government employees and retirees cut retirement to the following Top retirement pension $40k, 30k, and 20k -Of course double dipping goes away Stop the Revolving Door of politicians and government workers going to regulatory agencies -People doing like jury duty to decide who works at regulatory agencies -look at my expenses total and figure out what person on disability requires. See how this compares with Housing, food stamps, and other bureacracies where perhaps they could get straight cash and all bureacracy goes away. Please pitch to TED to include a 'GOVERNMENT CATEGORY