Erika Bovolenta

Orbassano (To), Italy

About Erika


I'm an Italian girl just graduated with a Master Degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures with a final essay about "Human rights in the essays and autobiographical works of Wole Soyinka". During my academic career I worked as a waitress and as an Import-Export assistant (dealing with suppliers in India). I stayed six months in Denmark , participating in an exchange program called Erasmus, and I enrolled in a semester in the University of Copenhagen, Faculty of English and Romance Studies, where I learnt a bit of Danish.
I'm an advanced speaker of English, while I have an intermediate level of knowledge of Spanish...I speak a bit French and Danish too, but just for really simple conversations.


English, Italian, Spanish

Areas of Expertise

Linguistics, Logic, Poetry, Thought Processes, Literature in English

I'm passionate about

cooking, internet, linguistics, organizations of events and, above all, I'm a book worm!
I read almost anything, from critical essays to fanfictions about serial tv, from fantasy to thriller!

Talk to me about

anything, I'm really open ;)
anyway, I'm fond of literature (ANY!) and linguistics, and if you want to talk about human rights, well, I'm here!

My TED story

Just met Ted...and I asked to be a translator! I simply love this site and, sometimes, when I talk to my friends about the contents of a video, they are quite interested. Unfortunately some of them cannot understand the talks, since they're in English, so I thought I could spread the ideas myself, just by translating! :)