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blowgun fabrication, blowgun dart fabrication, blowgun dart quiver fabrication

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Late sleepers are not lazy.

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kicked out of UCLA

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TEDActive; houseplants; rooftops.

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Poet Rives
Posted over 5 years ago
Sebastian Wernicke: Lies, damned lies and statistics (about TEDTalks)
So jazzed to see Sebastian on TED.com. His humor and his savvy make him a swell poster child for TEDActive. Plus, his accent is sexy. Ah, and: I was co-hosting Sebastian's session and would've "dragged him off the stage" with cheeky gusto but no need--he stuck his landing. The man had 6 minutes and look at the time code: 5:59! And that includes the TED intro and his rousing, well-deserved ovation. Epic time clock win, SW!
Poet Rives
Posted about 8 years ago
Rives: The 4 a.m. mystery
Hey--a big, amused thanks to all the TEDsters who have sent in "four in the morning" references from various sources, in various languages. Keep 'em coming--my collection has gotten massive, global and (I'm telling you...) thoroughly uncanny.