About Joshua


Joshua Klein has worked with emerging and mobile technologies for more than a decade, participating in the American Idol SMS voting campaign, founding a wearable computing company, and heading up the mobile technologies group for a national consulting firm. He obtained a Master's degree from NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program
where he studied mobile, media, and social technologies under the likes of Clay Shirky, Douglas Rushkoff, and Dodgeball.com founder Dennis Crowley. His latest book (www.reputation-economics.com) is about how emerging technologies are going to destroy traditional finance, and he is launching a site to help your network do more good (www.ntwrkr.co). He's also (always) still working on crows - see www.thecrowbox.com to get the latest on his corvid-related efforts. Contact him at www.josh.is!


English, Icelandic

TED Conference


Areas of Expertise

Corvids, Geek Human translation, Interdisciplinary Collaboration, Mobile and Emerging Technologies

An idea worth spreading

The fiction we tell ourselves creates our expectations and, by extension, our future. New technologies for shaping media are coming out every day - are they being designed so the stories we tell are good ones?

I'm passionate about

Crows (and any other synanthropic species), using/designing new technologies to better humanity and the planet, body modification (from cellular proteins on up), and rampant, liberating minimalism.



Talk to me about

New technologies that could be applied interdisciplinarily across cultures to maximize the human potential of their users!

People don't know I'm good at

Dance Dance Revolution, baking apple pie, and skeet shooting.

My TED story

Step 1) Give a two-minute presentation at a small, geek-centric conference in NYC.
Step 2) Email a famous biogereontologist who spoke afterwards to complement him on his work and ask about DNA sampling for your parents.
Step 3) Get an email from TED.
Step 4) Panic.

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