Bruno Bowden

Equity Partner, Data Collective
San Francisco, CA, United States

About Bruno


I'm an engineering manager on the Enterprise Gmail team at Google. Focusing on bringing the power of consumer technologies to the enterprise market. Previously I worked on Google Earth, guiding it from a startup through its acquisition by Google (it's now crossed 1 billion installs). I have a patent pending for a Browser Size - a tool that illustrates how websites lose important traffic by requiring scrolling.

Prior to joining Google in 2004, I worked on the Diablo computer series and the animated film, Ice Age. I received my bachelor’s degree in computer science from the University of Cambridge - Double First with Honours.

I enjoy public speaking and have had the privilege of presenting twice at the TED conference. I'm also an active angel investor. With investments in Getaround (TechCrunch Disrupt '11 winner), Ostrovok (Series A from Catalyst), Buyer's Best Friend, Loku,, JetPac, TeamUp & MavenLink.

University of Cambridge
BA, Computer Science
1997 – 2000

Double-First result in my examination
Awards: College Exhibition, Foundation Scholarship
Activities and Societies: First Men's Novice Boat Crew, Origami, asdf



TED Conferences

TED2016, TED2015, TED2014, TED2013, TED2012, TEDActive 2011, TED2010, TEDIndia 2009, TED2009, TED2008

Areas of Expertise

Web development, Computer graphics, Google Earth, startups

Talk to me about

Blindfolded Origami. Google Earth, technology and startups. The Queen's English and good beer.

My TED story

I met Kaki King (the guitarist) at TED 2008. While talking I asked her "Is that Cameron Diaz?" She then replied "Is that Al Gore?" We decided to toss a coin to decide who to talk to first. Just as we were going to do that, Chris Anderson came up to thank us both for speaking!

Comments & conversations

Bruno Bowden
Posted almost 5 years ago
Bruno Bowden + Rufus Cappadocia: Blindfold origami and cello
Rufus was wonderful to work with. I didn't get a chance to meet him until a few days before we performed together. Before that though, I'd seen his videos on YouTube and spoken with him. I knew he was going to be great to work with and he was indeed that. A wonderful artist and a beautiful spirit.
Bruno Bowden
Posted almost 7 years ago
Bruno Bowden + Rufus Cappadocia: Blindfold origami and cello
Jean-Marc, you're correct about refolding being a big help. A normal fold without blindfold takes me 15 minutes. With a completely flat piece of paper, I can do it blindfolded - but it takes half an hour which is too slow to be entertaining. Rufus is an incredible musician and a great person. The cool thing about working with him is that he was improvising. So if I needed more time, he could be flexible and still crescendo whenever I finished. My thanks to June for hosting and Chris for selecting me.