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Studying Neuroscience , In love with life as general , enjoy intellectual conversations . appreciate science and technology . firm believer that that Ordinary People Makes Extraordinary Things....if they only believe in their ability to do so .

An idea worth spreading

TED should be offered to schools for free so the student will be inspired by ted talks . The student also can set and discuss their future plans through ted .

I'm passionate about

Any thing that relate the brain to science , religion or technology

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The brain , science, technology, philosophy and psychology

People don't know I'm good at

Neither do I ..

My TED story

.................... am still writing the story

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Posted over 2 years ago
Did you have a teacher that inspired you, opened doors in front of you and put a fingerprint on your life the way it is now?
YES ! when i chose to come to the USA for study i didn't really thought that they will be someone rather than your close friends or family who will understand what you want or be there when you needed somebody to show you the way to your future but i was wrong .. and i was lucky to have a great professor her name ! Dr.Kim Tucker . she made me believable in my self ,trust i can do it when i didn't believe in my self and she was always there for me . bottom line she held the light at the end of the tunnel and trusted me to go through it by my self.