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Dzevad Mulabdic
Posted over 2 years ago
Joshua Prager: In search of the man who broke my neck
Best conclusion that Mr Prager makes is that Abdi was neither a specially good or a bad man, but a limited one. Limitation or inability in Abdis case comes probably from the lack of knowledge and wisdom. These in turn are absent because of the lack of some basic needs that every human being must have in order to develop. If Mr Prager came from the some place as Abdi and had the same preconditions, regarding the possibility to get medical care and help to recover, to study, to work and so on, would Mr Prager also become a limited man if he had survived at all ? I appreciate Mr Prager's attitude to "seek to understand and not to be understood". I also belive that every singel person have a freedom to choose his response to the stimulus that is done to him. But can I expect that from a man who is born and grew up in a part of our world where he constantly need to fight to survive, without possibility to educate him self, to develop?