Paul Gullacher

Teacher, Regina Board of Educaton
Regina, Canada

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I am a 24yo educator in Regina, SK CA. I have degrees in chemistry and education from the University of Regina. My reason for becoming a teacher was that it has the potential to create change, the kind of grassroots change that can improve the human condition locally and potentially beyond. What do I wish to change? By participating in an activity such as TED I hope to expand my expertise, develop a more informed worldview and hopefully discover new ways to incorporate media into the classroom. My grandfather was a University professor, an entomologist named Paul Riegert. He was my hero and role model; perhaps that is why I so identify with TED winner Edward O. Wilson, whose book "Future of Life" inspired me to integrate the material into my lessons and speak passionately about the importance of life and biodiversity.
My biography has yet to be written, I hope that I will have the opportunity and resolve to affect change. As an Educator I will have direct contact with maybe 200 students per year for 35 years, so my impact might not be fully realized until a much later date.



Areas of Expertise

Chemistry, Biology

An idea worth spreading

Before investing in green products and organic foods and all sorts of new and sophisticated technology, consider reducing consumption. Ride a bike more often instead of a hybrid car, or buy local produce. There are simple things we can do that benefit ourselves, our health and the health of our communities without investing and consuming new technologies.

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I am passionate about: Hiking, camping, the outdoors; Fresh water conservation and protecting biodiversity. I am most passionate about affecting real change through innovations in education.


University of Regina

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Modernizing curriculum

People don't know I'm good at

Basketball, I have some mad skills.

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Paul Gullacher
Posted over 2 years ago
What’s your favorite (and/or least favorite) Nobel-Prize-winning science?
I imagine Fritz Haber is the most convincing argument I can think of, from revolutionizing warfare to maximizing food output to a point where ~50% of humans alive today could no exist without its discovery and application. To date it is the single-most largest expenditure of energy on earth (~3% all energy used). His discovery also permitted the lengthening of WWI from a few months to 8 years, as the nitrogen produced would be a key ingredient in munitions that was otherwise trade embargoed from Chile in its mineral form. He is a case study on blind patriotism and the impact on his values and ethics, after all he earned the name "Father of Chemical Warfare". As a winner, he is an interesting character to say the least. For its application to the betterment of mankind, and the worsening of it (?), Fritz Haber is my most/least favorite (and the most interesting I know of) nobel winner. Do we need to cite sources?