Vijayachandran S. K.

Trivandrum, India

About Vijayachandran


I am a psychiatrist working as a consultant to Sree Ramakrishna Ashram Charitable Hospital, Trivandrum. I graduated from Medical College, Trivandrum and worked with Health Services Department of Kerala State Government till retirement in 2004.

An idea worth spreading

Nothing original, i am afraid. The idea (?) that the human mind is a 'grand delusion' is worth spreading. Hopefully it may liberate us from our beliefs, dogmas and prejudices and help us being really free.

I'm passionate about

Neuroscience, Philosophy, Evolutionary psychology, Paintings and Literature. I am fascinated by human ideas and deeply concerned about the human condition.

Talk to me about

Anything related to human ideas, mind and consciousness - it means anything under the sun.

People don't know I'm good at

nothing in particular.

My TED story

I recently came across TED through and I am fascinated.

Favorite talks