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Schaumburg, IL, United States

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Use of stirling engines at home to produce electricity, using the difference of temperature from inside the house and outside,, use 120 mini wind mills to produce 1 volt each, added together to produce 120v for home use.

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Isaac Segura
Posted about 6 years ago
Jane Poynter: Life in Biosphere 2
she mentioned that they were using stuff to keep themselves clean, So, I wish to know what kind of stuff they were using, I want to use it for myself, Do somebody knows that? or Somebody knows how to know that?
Isaac Segura
Posted over 7 years ago
Tom Honey: Why would God create a tsunami?
three points, 1. all those question reffer to the egostic point of view, What do I get from this? How this affect me? etc.. Tsunamies are a natural phenomena like earthquakes , rain, volcanoes, Are this natural happenings bad? Are this "bad" only if affects humans? of course no. 2. Then peolpe see acts of god as good or bad. being all acts actually good, but we pray so god changes those acts to be good to us instead of asking god to change us to see the perfections in the acts. 3 on a personal thought. religions mix mithology with spirituality, and sometimes offer mithology for spirituallity hence stopping the spiritual development of people.