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Making a positive change in the lives of others through arts education, digital media, fitness and nutrition.

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Barry Miller
Posted over 2 years ago
Do school assisstance programs for the less fortunate seem to set up their users to FAIL?
As with most things anywhere, anything can be improved. While I agree that the system is not perfect, I do find that by having those requirements it does keep the applicants in a more select group. I do not find that to be an all together bad thing though because as you have stated there are people that have other issues to deal with and can not take the full load required. I myself feel that that is a good idea because it requires the people that have those "issues to take on only what they can do at the moment. Sure the funding is not the same if there is any at all for those students but it does require you to be creative in continuing your education. I see so many people today that use their grant money to fund not only their education but also their lifestyle items as well. They have that when my money comes in I will get my new clothes attitude vs. create my future by getting the best education I can. Basically there can be reforms to the programs and also to the attitudes of those that just use the system to have "funds available to them".
Barry Miller
Posted over 3 years ago
create a team within our TED community working on ideas that can became educational games.
Our kids are surrounded by so much information today that we need a better way of helping them be able to focus on a primary one thing first. The average attention span of our children is growing shorter and shorter. Our biggest battle will be not what to teach our children but how to teach them in a way that will keep their attention and cultivate the "want to know more". I think games are one great way to go. In my experiences as an after school site director I used team building games, outdoor activities, and job related activities to keep the attention of my high school students. Part of what most of these kids needed was to know that they mattered and that people do care about them.