Chris Emery

Portland, OR, United States

About Chris


Over 40 years of work with computer systems. Including 5yrs. with Intel and over 20yrs as an independent consultant. Large amount of experience in graphics, photography and video and a great interest in perception psychology. A vast range of interests. Presently working on the development of a coordinated set of systems for use in a performance art piece.

Areas of Expertise

Systems Integration, Graphic Design - Identity / Web / Print / Illustration, Graphic Design, Typography, Printing, Environment, Urban Transpo, Photography and video

An idea worth spreading

Rebuilding the industrial revolution with durable, repairable, and recyclable goods. Fully interchangeable, standardized parts. The teaching of newly patented concepts in freely accessible educational systems that require no enrollment. No restrictions on the use of patented or copyrighted information other than the granting of a limited percentage of profits garnered through usage for a very limited period of time.

I'm passionate about

Appropriate technology. Spiritual advancement, compassion and enlightenment.

Talk to me about

Artificial intelligence, wearable systems, augmented reality, semantic web, infographics, perception psychology, evolutionary systems, art and society.

People don't know I'm good at

Deeper thoughts and spirituality.

My TED story

I am so happy when I get to turn people on to these presentations. Watching the lights turn on.

Comments & conversations

Chris Emery
Posted over 1 year ago
What's your million-dollar idea to change the world?
I would initiate a movement of separation of a vehicle's engine and it's operation from a vehicle's function as a housing for passengers. By having the engines wirelessly directed to the location of a person's cubicle and by being in communication w/ all other vehicles and a set of traffic controllers time and energy waste would be minimized. One could sit on a couch and watch t.v. until your informed you have arrived and just walk out your door and be there. They could be used for housing for the homeless and as extra rooms for the housed. Later movement could take place utilizing air craft and the streets could be returned to a more natural state.
Chris Emery
Posted almost 2 years ago
Boaz Almog: The levitating superconductor
I'm curious about how these findings would be related with the new sub-absolute zero discoveries. I would also love to hear of the latest in in-expensive "room temperature" superconductive materials.
Chris Emery
Posted almost 2 years ago
Don Levy: A cinematic journey through visual effects
Given the exponential race to singularity of computing, effects, human interface devices, and (unfortunately poorly considered implementations) of artificial intelligence it seems not impossible that we are in a simulated reality. That we ourselves may be it's wanderings. My own theory is we may be the quantum computer. Now science seems to be developing a test: ? could the test be a test running a test for testing ? It seems life takes on all possibilities at the same time (and so do I. (I'm not schizo (and neither am I))).. At some point all computers will begin to act as one...
Chris Emery
Posted almost 5 years ago
Derek Sivers: Weird, or just different?
Great presentation. Reminds me of the "Pillow Talk" technique taught in Japanese schools. We can both be right, we can both be wrong, or either be right/wrong. It also calls to mind quantum computing and all states being simultaneously present.